Lao Rehabilitation Foundation

FABBAs help bring clean water to rural villagers

Mokchak village, accessible only by four wheel drive is located in rural Houn District in Oudomxay province, Lao PDR. The village is home to 507 Khamou ethnic people. It houses 102 families in 82 houses. There are a few septic systems in place, usually these are shared by 3 or 4 families. Prior to building of the well and pipline these ‘toilets’ were mainly unusable as there is no water available at proximity. There is no electricity in the village. There is an elementary school with 103 students although a septic system was installed near the school it had no access to water. The economy is essentially farming, 70% of it dry farming corn on the hill slopes (slash and burn) and 30% rice farming in the valley around the village. The main income comes from selling corn; it averages $200 per family per year.

Through FABBAs donations a well and pipeline were built allowing for clean water to be brought to the village. This project provided clean drinking and cooking water to more than 500 people living in this village. The primary school now has clean drinking water at proximity. Access to clean drinking water has decreased the burden of women and children to bring water to the village. Cases of diarrhea and typhoid fever has significantly decreased. Overall living conditions in the village have significantly improved, especially for children.

Lao Rehabilitation Foundation

Laos PDR

Years involved: 2012 -2014
URL: lao-foundation.org/

Lao Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc. (LRF) is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization.

LRF maintains offices in Napa, California, USA, as well as in both Vientiane and Oudomxay, Laos. LRF is officially registered as a Non Governmental (NGO) Organization in both Laos and USA.

The primary purpose of LRF is to provide medical services to Laotian people with a greater focus on children and the poor. The foundation recognizes that the best guarantee for sound health is supported by having access to adequate nutrition, clean water, basic hygiene, decent shelter, education, medical facilities and services.

Our Vision

To achieve poverty eradication, working in harmony with local communities.

Our Activities

The central activity of the organization is addressing the most critical and urgent needs of Laotian people by raising funds through donations and to disburse these funds in the most efficient way.

LRF works in conjunction with local government and communities to:

  • Provide health care in remote areas
  • Build schools and shelters
  • Provide support for education
  • Provide access to clean water
  • Assist individuals with special needs

Within United States and beyond, LRF:

  • recruits health care volunteers
  • seeks donations of medical equipment, medicine and supplies
  • secures financial resources
  • raises awareness of living conditions of poor communities in Laos